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Switzerland’s third largest canton launches $3 million incentive scheme for solar-plus-storage


Switzerland’s third largest canton launches $3 million incentive scheme for solar-plus-storage

The scheme will provide incentives for solar-plus-storage projects for self-consumption, as well as for projects for virtual power storage.

The canton of Vaud – Switzerland’s third largest canton by population and fourth by size – has renewed an energy storage incentive scheme.

The Government said it has allocated CHF 3 million (around US$3 million) for this year’s scheme – an increase from CHF 2.5 million a year earlier. The scheme is part of its CHF 100 million plan to support renewables and energy efficiency.

Overall, this year’s budget will be devoted to support two different kinds of storage. Indeed, part of the funds will be used for the installation of storage batteries coupled with PV power generators, as long as these are equipped with a device allowing the system as a whole to continue to operate in the event of a general power failure.

“Aimed at both individuals and businesses, this financial support not only offers owners the opportunity to consume a larger portion of their own photovoltaic production, but also gives them the assurance of a minimum electricity supply in the event of a power cut,” the local government said.

Meanwhile, a second portion of the budget will be used to improve virtual storage offerings to customers. The distribution network would thus be used to store surplus PV production so that producers can consume it later.

“These offers would make it possible to widen the range of solutions proposed to photovoltaic energy producers wishing to increase their rate of self-consumption,” it continued.

In 2017, the program enabled the deployment of around 400 storage systems coupled to solar installations.

Source PV Magazine

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