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PV snaps up all capacity in Germany’s second mixed wind-solar auction


PV snaps up all capacity in Germany’s second mixed wind-solar auction

The German Federal Network Agency has selected 36 solar PV power projects with a combined capacity of 201 MW in the mixed energy auction, which ended with a final average price of €0.0572/kWh.

Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) announced the results of its second joint tender for large-scale solar PV and on-shore wind.

As in the first auction of the same kind held in April, only bids for solar projects were awarded a contract. Overall, the Bundesnetzagentur selected 36 PV projects with a combined capacity of 201 MW. “There was only one bid for a wind power project, but it was too high,” said agency president Jochen Homann.

The auction’s final average price was €0.0572/kWh, which is significantly up from €0.0467/kWh registered in the April auction. Bids ranged from €0.0465/kWh to €0.0579/kWh.

Overall, 10 projects totaling 65 MW were awarded in the German eastern region of Brandenburg. German developer Enerparc, meanwhile, won eight projects.

A total of 50 bids with an aggregate power of 307 MW were submitted for the tender of which just one was for a wind farm and two were excluded on the grounds of formal errors, said the agency.

“The joint tender process looks like an additional invitation to tender for solar projects,” it added. In the first mixed wind-solar auction held in April, solar secured all of the 32 assigned projects. Bids ranged from €0.0396/kWh to €0.0576/kWh.

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