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Special coverage of energy storage markets & technology, courtesy of pv magazine


Special coverage of energy storage markets & technology, courtesy of pv magazine

pv magazine brings you a special edition devoted to the fast-growing energy storage space, including a look at its thornier challenges

It is no secret that energy storage represents a critical set of technologies for the global energy transition. Without energy storage, solar and wind are limited by the variability in their output profiles and by the limited amount of demand flexibility that we have been able to wring out of the electricity system.

And as solar is increasingly paired with energy storage, we are increasingly speaking not of solar, but solar *plus* storage. As such, we at pv magazine have been covering the emerging energy storage industry and markets more and more as a central part of our work.

As part of this move, we have published the latest special edition of pv magazine’s global print publication, dedicated to energy storage markets and technologies, produced in collaboration with the Strategen Consulting, the California Energy Storage Association and Messe Düsseldorf for the Energy Storage North America (ESNA) trade show.

For this edition we tapped veteran writers at the pv magazine USA site, experts from finance and the analyst space, as well as featuring new voices from energy writers whose work has not yet appeared in pv magazine.

These writers look not only at the dramatic growth of lithium-ion battery technology, but the merits of alternative technologies, potential concerns with scaling, the role of electric vehicles and other opportunities and challenges.

We look forward to your thoughts on this latest edition. Happy reading!

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