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Video: Quality Roundtable REI 2018


Video: Quality Roundtable REI 2018

pv magazine’s Quality Roundtable at this year’s Renewable Energy Expo India (REI), attracted analysts and experts from across the industry, who gathered in Greater Noida to discuss the challenges and opportunities present in the massive Indian solar market.

From pv magazine India

As Indian PV scales up to between 7 – 8 GW of installations in 2018, large-scale tender sizes continue to increase and new applications emerge. In its 2018 Quality Roundtable India, pv magazine hosted a high-level discussion touching on the role of new India Bureau of Standards’ regulations and their likely impact on the quality of PV modules.


Vibhuti Garg, energy analyst at the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis (IEEFA) provides an overview on the current policy landscape and its impact on the Indian solar market’s future development.

She highlights that alongside the government’s plans to upscale, viability gap funding and tax breaks have worked to unleash the large-scale potential. Looking ahead, she says that currently debated proposals, such as safeguard duties or capping of tariffs could jeopordize efforts that had been made so far. As long as these measures are not realized, India sees solar PV flourishing, she says, and “that’s the momentum we need to keep.”

Jan Mastny of Leoni, highlights that the Indian market poses manufacturing challenges, as the extreme climatic conditions cause accelerated aging processes on equipment. According to him, potential issues with systems would show up considerably faster in India, than compared to any other region in the world.

He also points out, however, that if installers are adhering meticulously to manufacturers’ instructions, such risks could be averted. “The key point is to keep educated the market and the installers,” he concludes.

Read about the discussions at the Quality Roundtable and Future PV Roundtable, held last week in India at REI 2018, and at the Quality Roundtable in Taiwan at Energy Taiwan 2018. The video from our first Latin American Quality Roundtable is also available to view now.

Source PV Magazine

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