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Digital Energy Solutions wins tender for 2.19 MWh of storage in Germany


Digital Energy Solutions wins tender for 2.19 MWh of storage in Germany

The Munich-based company will receive up to €2 million for a large-scale storage facility in southern Germany. The system will consist of 52 lithium-ion car batteries –which are also used in the BMW i3 – and will be coupled with a wind farm.

Digital Energy Solutions – a joint venture between BMW and the Viessmann Group  – is the winner of Germany’s first tender for a large-scale storage project, and has been awarded the €2 million ($2.3m) contract.

The company will install battery storage with 2.19 MWh of capacity and 2.0 MW of power, and which will consist of 52 of the lithium-ion car batteries used in the BMW i3 car. The storage system will be connected to the Green City wind farm to test combined use cases and promote the integration of renewable energy into the Bavarian grid. The system will be used both for grid stabilization as well as for the demand-oriented supply of wind power.

The €2m funding comes from Green City’s “Kraftwerkspark III” fixed-income bond. “We want to show with our project, how these key technologies are already economically viable today,” said Green City CEO Frank Wolf, who added Digital Energy Solutions’ innovative idea was as crucial to its success as the high technological quality of its components.

“We want to realize a technically and economically viable reference solution for the market integration of electricity storage systems,” said Gunnar Lantin, project manager for Digital Energy Solutions. “The applications range from the provision of balancing energy [and] optimized spot market power sale, to self-supply coverage and the avoidance of curtailment of the wind farm. The combination of use cases is complex and poses challenges in terms of control, market interfaces and regulatory requirements, but the potential is enormous.”

The procurement exercise was the first tender for a storage project of its kind in Germany and Green City says more will follow.

Investors can still participate in the fixed-income Kraftwerkspark III bond, which offers a return of 3.5% and a term of nine years, and is open to investors until February.

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