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Fluence to supply additional 60 MW battery to UK project


Fluence to supply additional 60 MW battery to UK project

Siemens subsidiary, Fluence has announced it will provide an additional 60 MW battery to power company UK Power Reserve, expanding the cooperation between the two companies to 120 MW, which Fluence says makes it the largest contracted energy storage portfolio transaction to date globally.

Fluence will provide an additional 60 MW battery to UK Power Reserve, doubling the 60 MW which the two companies had already agreed to cooperate on. The 120 MW portfolio, according to Fluence, is one of the largest storage projects in Europe.

The battery project was awarded to UK Power Reserve (UKPR) in a 2016 auction; and is being built to provide flexibility to the U.K.’s grid. The projects are required to be online by Winter 2020; and are currently expected to be completed ahead of schedule.

“By splitting our portfolio into two 60 MW sets of projects, we’ve had the opportunity to fully assess the market,” says head of UKPR, Sam Wither. “Fluence and its Advancion technology again proved their worth throughout this highly competitive process.”

UK Power Reserve announced back in June that it would partner with Fluence on the first 60 MW of battery storage, and now confirms that technology for the entire project, which secured a price of GBP 22.50/kWh in a 2016 capacity market auction, is also to be delivered by Fluence.

Trading stored energy

Also this week, the U.K.’s National Grid gave its approval to a software platform, which aims to optimize energy trading from residential battery installations. The platform, Social Energy, expects a commercial launch with Duracell in early 2019, and further deals with approved battery manufacturers to follow.

“Our Social Energy hub acts as the gateway to the smart energy home,” says Mark Powell, Social Energy’s Head of UK Sales. “With energy storage we can vastly reduce energy prices but going forward we will be able to monetise other in home flexibility items such as EV’S, hot water tanks, smart appliances and HVAC via the platform which will result in a minus energy bill.”

The package has been approved by the U.K. National Grid to provide demand side response and grid balancing. The company says it units in test phase in other key markets, including the U.S., Australia, Germany and Japan.

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