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Acciona presents ‘world’s first’ blockchain renewable energy certification platform


Acciona presents ‘world’s first’ blockchain renewable energy certification platform

The technology is said to use blockchain’s properties of providing secure real-time and fully transparent data. The company says that ensuring renewable energy certificates is becoming increasingly important. This is the first step towards a more comprehensive platform that seeks to cover renewable energy assets from other energy companies as well.

Acciona Energía claims to be the first of its kind to apply blockchain technology to certify renewable energy origin. The company says the technology allows its clients to access data in real time and offers full transparency over the origin of electricity.

At this first stage, Acciona supplies the STORe-Chain technology to two of its utility-scale storage facilities. These are connected to a wind park and solar farm, which it operates. The storage facilities in question are Acciona’s Tudela solar plant and its Barásoain wind park, in Spain.

The PV park near Tudela is coupled with a storage system measuring 1 MW/ 650kWh. In comparison, the wind park has two separate batteries. Acciona says that one 0.7 MW/ 0.7 MWh is for fast response, while the other, 1 MW/ 0.39 MWh, is for greater autonomy.

Real time transparency

The blockchain technology will act as a “virtual notary” the company says, highlighting the technology’s ability to perform this task in real time and at a high level of transparency. Reportedly, the features are essential for stakeholders and investors looking to develop a green energy profile.

Acciona developed the STORe-Chain to manage data sourced from the plants and matches it with renewable energy certificates. As the data is stored in the blockchain platform, it can be accessed by clients at any time. Reportedly, the project runs under the auspices of a wider program, called Greenchain. The program aims to establish a blockchain platform that allows users to determine the origin of renewable energy from any company, not just Acciona.

“Certifying the renewable origin of energy is increasingly widespread, associated with the growth of the corporate procurement of green energy, and blockchain technology can greatly facilitate this service to clients in any part of the world. We are very pleased to have taken this first step in a service that will surely grow in importance over the next few years,” says Acciona Energía Director of Innovation, Belén Linares.

Source PV Magazine

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