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Deger Energie, Kavitsu announce new PV tracker manufacturing fab in India


Deger Energie, Kavitsu announce new PV tracker manufacturing fab in India

Germany’s Deger Energie and India-based Kavitsu Robotronix will open a new solar PV tracker manufacturing facility in India. The first products are set to come off the production line in January 2019.

Marking its entry into the Indian solar market, Germany-based tracker manufacturer, Deger Energie GmbH & Co. KG has teamed up with Kavitsu Robotronix Pvt Ltd to create a new joint venture company, Kavitsu Deger Pvt Ltd.

Under the partnership, the two will set up a PV tracker manufacturing facility in Satara, Maharashtra. A spokesperson tells pv magazine that 10,000 units per year will be manufactured initially. The plan is to double this in 2020.

Between €5 million and €10 million will be invested in the venture, said the spokesperson, although they declined to say by whom. The Indian Government will provide additional subsidies, they add, although again, no further details were divulged.

Regarding the necessary production equipment, the spokesperson says the electronics will come from Germany, while the rest will be manufactured in India. “Production Equipment necessary for Indian Operations will be procured by new Joint Venture Company Kavitsu Deger Pvt. Ltd,” they say.

The first trackers are set to come off the production line by January 2019. Kavitsu Deger aims to capture a 50% share of the Indian tracker market. The remaining products will be sold to other Asian markets.

The Kavitsu Group has a further four manufacturing facilities in Satara, producing Industrial Gear Boxes, Electric Motors & Slew Bearing.

Deger has offices in Spain, Greece, Australia, South Africa, Canada, Egypt and Turkey. Meanwhile, it has manufacturing facilities in Germany, Turkey, Canada and South Africa.

In the September edition of pv magazine, Deger talked tracking technology, the industry, and its own journey of innovation. At the time, it said it offered four single-axis DEGERtrackers and six dual-axis DEGERtrackers. A further iteration of a single-axis tracking systems was expected to follow later that year.

Source PV Magazine

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