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ABB taps Tigo for MLPE solution across its residential inverter range


ABB taps Tigo for MLPE solution across its residential inverter range

The Swiss power electronics giant has announced that its UNO-DM-PLUS string inverters are now operationally compatible with Tigo’s DC optimization technology, which also offers module-level monitoring and rapid shutdown capability.

Switzerland-headquartered power electronics firm ABB, which is the world’s fourth-largest supplier of solar PV inverters according to GTM Research data, has today announced a new collaboration with DC power optimizer technology provider Tigo.

Tigo has already partnered with a number of leading solar module suppliers to embed its DC power optimizers on solar panels intended for residential installations. This new collaboration means that ABB’s residential string inverter range, the UNO-DM-PLUS, now boasts operational compatibility with Tigo’s technology – a partnership that could open up a range of new market avenues and possibilities for ABB.

Specifically, Tigo’s TS4 optimizer platform can now combine with the ABB residential inverter to offer flexible and scalable solutions that bring three specific additional values for home solar arrays.

These include the ability to monitor the energy harvest at a module rather than string level, delivering greater visibility of a system’s performance in two-second increments, thus enabling system owners to maximize the solar uptime and accurately and quickly identify performance issues.

The solar modules are also optimized at the DC level with the Tigo TS4, and thus can produce more energy per module while enabling more design flexibility on rooftops that may be partially shaded at various times during the day.

Thirdly, such module-level control also brings rapid shutdown capabilities, enabling ABB to meet the new U.S. safety regulations stipulated under the National Electric Code (NEC) 2017. As a result of this collaboration, ABB may now be able to pursue increased market share in the U.S. residential rooftop inverter space – a space so far dominated by Israeli inverter and DC optimizer provider, SolarEdge.

For ABB, compatibility with Tigo’s technology helps the company to broaden its potential market reach without the complications and expense associated with developing their own DC optimizer solution. “Our customers now have the enhanced value from MLPE while using our best-in-class string inverters,” said ABB’s global product manager Giacomo Bambi. “We are excited to welcome Tigo as a global partner.”

For Tigo, the collaboration is an additional strong partnership with a ‘Tier-1 player’ in the solar inverter space.  Tigo already collaborates closely with German inverter giant SMA, having sold a 27% share in the company to SMA in 2016.

Source PV Magazine

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