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Mexico’s Telmex enter solar business


Mexico’s Telmex enter solar business

The Mexican telecommunication giant, which is owned by Mexico’s richest man Carlos Slim, has started to offer solar panels to its clients which pay high energy bills.

The Mexican telecommunications company Telmex, owned by one of the world’s richest men Carlos Slim, is offering to all of its customers that pay a monthly electricity bill of more than 2,500 MNX ($134) to the local state-owned power utility Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) the purchase of solar panels. This initiative, Telmex said, will enable these power consumers to considerably reduce their electricity bills.

According to the offer’s dedicated page on the company’s website, all of the customers who have their own roof with enough space to put the panels, which is estimated at approximately two square meters per panel, may have access to the offer.

Telmex specified that especially those residential customers under the regime of DAC (High Consumption Domestic) may benefit more from the offer, thanks to which they would save up to 98% in their electricity bill.

The company added that the photovoltaic system could be paid in cash or through a financing system with a down payment of 25% and 30%, and monthly instalments ranging from 12 to 60 months with payment on the Telmex bill.

“Once the offer has been accepted and the first payment made, the installation of the PV system is made in a maximum of one week, depending only on the time of authorization and delivery of the new meter by the CFE,” the company stressed.

All of the PV systems sold through this offer will be installed under Mexico’s net metering scheme, which is open to rooftop solar projects not exceeding in size 500 kW. Over the past years, the residential segment with high power consumption was one of the market’s main driver in the country.

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